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    Default NJ Physical Exam

    I took the civil service test for NJ in December 2006. Having a hard time finding guys to talk to about this test. I know that if you pass the written you take the physical. Any word on when this physical test will be given and most importantly, where is there a practice facility to run the obstacle course and how to get in touch with them?

    thanks guys

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    I replied to your other thread.....Where in NJ are you .........Download the PT exam study guide. If you are a member of a volley dept, you should be able to simulate all of the tests at the firehouse…. If not see if you can make a similar situation…….If you want this job you will find a way to be in the best physical condition for the test…..seconds count on your time and that determines where on the “list” you end up……..If you are not training by now…….

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