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    Default Atttic Simulator

    I'm looking for some specs on building some type of roof/attic simulator that can be used for repeated use for vertical ventilation and pulling ceiling. Any ideas or areas to serch? Thanks and BE SAFE!

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    DoD Fire academy has a slab that they built a pitched roof with a removable plywood panel and slots to simulate studs to practice ventilation techniques on. the plywood is held down by a metal frame and can be quickly changed out. I have pictures of this if you would like.

    What we practiced pulling ceiling on was a weighted stand with an overhead (Ceiling) and side area (wall) to hold sheetrock... i unfortunately don't have pictures of this, but could easily draw a quick rendition of it if requested.
    3ft x 3ft Sheetrock pieces were slid into this simulator

    PM me if you would like more info.


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    I would like to see your pictures of the roof simulator. I know that some of the people around here have made there own or used pallets so that people could get some saw and ax time.

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    My old department has a shed with no walls,just a roof and support posts that we've used to practice roof work.We'd also put ceiling tiles into the rafters to teach and practice pulling ceilings with.

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