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    Default FD Training Network training programs?

    Does anybody out there have any experience with this training academy? My department is contemplating sending a few members out for a three day class later this year. I was wondering if it was worth the trip.


    Any thoughts or experiences would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Default FD Training well worth it

    If you get a chance to go, it's well worth the trip. Another guy in my company and me went up last year for the truck class. The truck class and engine class are put on at the same time. The two classes meet together in the morning for a brief lecture and then are split into their respective groups. As a group you divide into different skill stations during the day. The truck guy worked on forcible entry, search, ventilation, VES and other truck company functions. Scenarios were generally done in the afternoon with the last day set aside for strictly scenarios. The instructers were fantastic and the class was extremely hands on. Without a doubt it was the best class I've been able to attend. I'm trying to get back this year for the RIT class. If someone is really looking to making themselves a better firefighter they won't be disappointed.

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    Default Awesome!!!

    I took the RIT Train-the-trainer. It was some of the finest training I've ever taken. Jim McCormack and the rest of the FDTN Cadre will teach you more in a couple of days than you could possibly learn in a couple of years on the street. Highly recommended. I hope to make it back there for some additional classes.

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