Good Morning-

My name is Adrienne Dellinger and I am a Survey Specialist for the National Opinion Research Center (NORC). NORC recently won a proposal funded by NIOSH to conduct a survey to assess personal protective equipment for two reasons: 1) in order to increase our understanding health risks related to the equipment used in firefighting occupations, and 2) to obtain suggestions on how to improve the fit and functionality of said equipment.

We are looking to recruit male firefighters that would be willing to discuss their safety equipment. In essence, the survey would be administered by telephone, mail, or in-person at our Chicago Loop offices and would ask
specific questions regarding safety equipment and how respondents perceive the fit and/or safety quality of the equipment. In addition, all respondents would be compensated for their participation.

I would love a chance to speak with any firefighters that would discuss their PPE use and provide suggestions to improve our survey. Please contact me at the email address: or call me at 312-759-4045.

In an email or voicemail message, please include the following information:
Phone Number and best times to contact

Thank you for your time,

-Adrienne Dellinger