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    Angry Plane crash investigation in Indonesian

    A month ago an Adam air aircraft landed heavily in Indonesia bending the fuselage like a bananna. Within 24 hours the plane had been repainted with white paint covering all airline markings. Much of this is covered on the PPRUNE board and the contempt Indonesian officials have for due process and investigation.

    Yesterday a Garuda aircraft crashed and burnt with the loss of 21 lives including 5 Australians. Only the tail was left intact. True to form within 24 hours the tail has been painted white to remove any Garuda logo with again complete contempt for the process of investigation.

    Indonesia is running true to form as a third world military dictatorship.
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    Default painting

    the painting over is not contempt - it is an industry practice to avoid negative over exposure - if people see media reports of a plane crash with identifying markings - they will avoid booking on that particular airline. No markings - they hope it is "that other airline" and they book

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    It is sleazy but it isn't going to change the investigation. Although if the same government that painted it is doing the investigation, I doubt it will be much of an investigation.
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