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    Arrow Firefighter gets suspended sentence in death of crash victim

    FAIRFIELD, Ohio (AP) - A firefighter who drove a ladder truck
    through a red light and struck a vehicle while en route to a fire
    has been found guilty in the death of the car's driver.
    A Fairfield Municipal Court judge found Matthew Schumann, 24,
    guilty of a misdemeanor charge of vehicular manslaughter after
    Schumann pleaded no contest.
    He sentenced Schumann to 90 days in jail but suspended that
    sentence. He also imposed two years of probation, a $750 fine, a
    90-day suspension of Schumann's driver's license, 250 hours of
    community service and counseling until he is released by a doctor.
    Schumann also was suspended from the fire department for 30
    days, Fire Chief Don Bennett said.
    The fire truck's lights and siren were activated when it
    collided last August with a car driven by Rayann Cavin, 73,
    Fairfield Law Director John Clemmons said.
    A sound-activated device supposed to make the traffic light turn
    green for the firetruck and halt other traffic malfunctioned. But
    Schumann was still responsible for exercising caution in entering
    the intersection, Clemmons said.
    Information from: The JournalNews of Hamilton
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    FYI, there is already a thread about this.


    I suggest sending all replies to the original thread.
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