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    Thumbs up Good! Now If They Could

    Just catch more of the bahstads.... I know this piece of road, its pretty good but also very busy at almost all times of the day. A lot of transport traffic on it too.

    Racers nailed for going 200 km/h. Motorcycle and car on Trans-Canada south of Chemainus

    Times Colonist Published: Wednesday, March 07, 2007

    A motorcycle and a car moving at more than double the allowed speed limit caught the eye of an RCMP officer driving an unmarked police car yesterday.

    The two vehicles doing 200 kilometres an hour in 80- and 90-km/h zones zipped past traffic on the Trans-Canada Highway near Mount Sicker Road, south of Chemainus, at 12:30 p.m.

    Among motorists on the highway was a member of the RCMP traffic patrol, who radioed ahead to his colleagues.

    The two vehicles were stopped south of Ladysmith and the drivers charged with excessive speed and street racing. Both vehicles were impounded for 30 days and the drivers issued immediate 15-day suspensions.

    “This type of aggressive driving is extremely dangerous and the deadly consequences are responsible for far too many needless injuries and deaths on our B.C. roads,” said Const. Dave Hay of Vancouver Island Traffic Services.

    But I think that the "punishment" is a bit light????
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    I am reminded of the Roadrunner and Coyote one on this. Just have a solid steel wall that pops up from the roadway and then sweep away the wreckage.

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    if that was their only punishment, yes, its way too light... I thinka huge fine is in order as well.

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    first offense- same as what they got.

    Second offense- vehichles are taken for good, liscense suspended for three years, and upwards of $1,500 fine

    Third offense- Vehichles taken for good, liscense revoked, jail time, and $5,000 + fine.

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