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    Default Looking for AFG advise

    Hi everyone

    Backround information: Small Rural Vol. Fire Department located in NEPA Population around 3000, 35square mile, Call Volume around 120 calls a year with no medical assists. No hydrents. Apparatus in service 1990 1000gal. 1250gpm pumper (1st out on fire related), 1972 500gal. 750gpm pumper (1st out on mva's carries rescue tools), 1969 750 Gal. 500gpm Pumper, Two vehicles on loan from pa dept. forestry 1986 pick-up 150gal., 1984 am general 5ton 1000gal.

    Applied for the AFG Every year and was accepted once for scba's applied every year since for vehicle

    We are looking into a pumper tanker to replace our 1969 and an upgrade to our 1990 truck (2000 or 3000gal. 500gpm pump +).

    We are trying to replace the 1969 and possibly the 1972

    looking for ideas how to approach and looking to see what someone else says

    Thank You
    Chris W.

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    Wink Hunlocklt, need more info

    Chris, if you have been applying for a Pumper, your odds would be very low since you have a 1990 pumper and 2 others and I'd bet the computer would DJ you every year. Competition is so fierce, funded trucks are usually >20 years old minimum. On the other hand, you do Not have a tanker, which is a priority rural vehicle. The timing of your rejections and their response should indicate if you are making peer or getting kicked out by the computer score. Peer DJ could mean a poor narrative, computer could mean wrong project (PUMPER) or some mistakes in the application.

    If I was you, I'd be asking for a tanker since you have NONE. NONE is greater need then anybody with a tanker of any age or condition and should easily make it past the computer. There is a lot of debate going on around the forum about DHS truck definitions. I think the concensus is that a truck must have >1,250 gallons to be a tanker. Pump size is the debate. Some are saying >500 gpm is a pumper, even if it has >1,250 of water?? I thought it was all water based, but, I'm not the guru.

    Your best bet would be to hire one of the grant gods, Brian Vickers or Kurt Bradley and let them do their magic since it sounds like you have struck out to many times already. They have high cost/benefit unlike a lot of my dream projects.

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    Well you don't have to hire me ,as it is a customer service at no charge. Conatct me offline, see profile, and I will help you out if I can guy.
    Kurt Bradley
    Fire/EMS/EMA Grant Consultant
    " Never Trade Skill for Luck"

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    Thank You ktb9780, I sent you an email


    Yes we made it past the computer every year, but not past that.
    We have on our application a pumper/tanker, which would that get a higher score, then just a plain tanker? Last tanker we had was late 80's and it needed to be put out of service do to multiple issues.

    Thanks again

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