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    Default Interspiro SCBA low pressure hose failure

    While working on the interior attack crew during a residential working fire, I experienced a catastrophic failure of my Interspiro S-5 SCBA. The SCBA has been in service for approximately a year. I was the 3rd man on the line working as the slack man. As we advanced the line down the hallway I noticed the attic pull-down access stairs had burnt away and the only thing left was portions of the steps and some embers. We had knocked the fire down on the 3 rear bedrooms of the residence and has backed out into the front living room to evaluate the structure. I had been crawling on my knees during the entire operation. This was approximately 10-15 minutes into the incident. Suddenly, my low pressure hose burst at the top of the cylinder. I told the guys I was evacuating and they definitely knew the reason why! I doffed my SCBA in the front yard and found a large hole in the hose low pressure hose. After further review we found that apparently and ember had fell and lodged onto the "shelf" created by the frame and this damaged the hose to the point of failure. We also discovered if the hose had been severed, the SCBA would be useless. An attempt to use the EBSS feature was useless as the air supplied would flow out the hole. I would have been screwed if the fire was in a larger residence, commercial building, etc.
    The hose is completely vulnerable to damage of this type and other manufacturer's units are also. This type of failure can occur to anyone else on the simplest of incidents. I was no where near the main body of fire. Has anyone else experienced a similar incident due to the hose not being protected by a metal sheath or a similar covering completely independent of the hose? Any information, questions, or comments will be greatly appreciated!!

    Stay Safe!

    Billy Greene
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    Hey bgreen thanks for the post. My fire dept uses the MSA Night hawk. After reading your post I went out to the engine and checked the hose to see if it was protected by anything and to my surprise its not. Its funny I wear it all the time and I never really thought about it. But thanks to your post It will be in the back of my mind thanks. Oh and till this point i've never had a SCBA malfunction.

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    From what I have been able to find, all the major brands are exposed in some form or another. This is something I never thought of until the last weekend!!

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