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    Does anyone know anything about the Plano fire department? I used to live there and would like to get back someday and possibly work for the FD there. Any info like when and how often they test, requirements, run statistics, pay, work conditions, what the department is like, anything really. Thanks.


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    Default Great Department

    Excellent department. They just tested within the last couple of months so it will likely be a while before they test again. Great pay. Tough to get on because it's one of the more desireable departments in North Texas.

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    mucho mucho money there. You basically have to offer them something that they really want. City is about 250,000 people I believe but they get a boatload of car wrecks due to the heavy traffic volume.They tested in Jan I think so your gonna have to wait a while

    But, I've heard that their morale is low from people who work there but they did just get a new chief. Problem is that you make so much there.... its hard to leave

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