Well figured I am new to the site so I better introduce myself. I am a SSgt in the AF. I am currently a 1C3 - Command Post controller. If any of you have ever worked the alarm room you know what job I am currently doing. I came in back in 01 and stupid me signed up for Open General. Well lesson learned and I did the job they asked of me. My retraining window is now here and I jumped all over it. My package has gone through the boards once already and I am still waiting to hear back about it but I feel pretty confident that I may of gotten picked up. Hopefully they take in account that it was the only job I put in for and my desired location is North Dakota (I know stop laughing it was my first assignment and I enjoyed it).

I orginally had 2 jobs listed. Fire and TACP. My first package got held up because believe or not I couldnt prove to AFPC that I knew how to speak English. I am currently deployed to Kuwait and I tried everything to get it fixed but AFPC wouldnt except the fact that my records show that English is the only language that I know. I even tried going to the clinic to get an MFR signed saying I speak English and they wouldnt signing it saying I needed to wait till I got home and get a specialist to sign off on it. Well come to find out that req was only for TACP and seeing how I didnt want to wait to work on my retraining package I started over and only put in for FD.

I will find out next week or so if I made it and if I didnt I still have 2 more months/boards that my package will meet with. Wish me luck.