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    Why are you calling for mutual aid?

    In my area...kicking, screaming, still not 100% but pretty good...

    But for 10 years we've used Alarm Cards.

    OIC can simply request his 1st Alarm to be filled out, 2nd alarm, or something like "1 Engine-Tank and manpower" and the dispatcher just pulls the next department on the alarm card whose available to fill it.

    It was pretty amazing how many little games Chiefs had been playing on the margins disappeared when they actually had to write down an alarm card and submit to the dispatch center for anyone to see.

    OIC still has the ability to special call resources not on the alarm card -- maybe an Engine he knows with a large CAFS system, or a Hose Tender, or a 100' mid-mount tower for a job another aerial can't do.

    Major incidents going beyond the alarm card, the dispatchers usually take care of. And they will balance operational requests ("Start me four more tankers") with maintaining coverage with minimum move-ups -- the 4 tankers you get may be the 1st, 2nd, 5th, and 6th next closest ones. 3 & 4 got left in quarters because their stations are in good locations to cover 1/2/5/6's home areas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OnEtRuCkSiXpUmP View Post
    KeithA8- In regards to your comment about the big Windsor fire(it was actually in Windsor Locks). There were several paid departments called to that scene. Off the top of my head I can remember Thompsonville,(actually all the Enfield departments have some paid staff, and all of them responded), Manchester, Colchester(combi), Somers(combi), and I am sure that there are more, it was a 3 day event. Alot of departments South and West of Bradley did not get called, including Windsor and Suffield(to the North) except to cover stations, because of the Task Force activations. They brought departments from as far as Andover, Bolton and Union. Definetly NOT the optimum usage of Mutual Aid or surrounding resources, but also far from the good old boy system. The way I understood it, the plan was for Mondays' operations to be carried out by the career department Task Forces, such as the one including East, West and The City of Hartford, but as it became evident that the main body of fire was under control from jumping to the next 6 story building, a decision was made that it could be handled with the resources already summoned. I still don't totally understand the Task Force, especially because the Mutual Aid that WLox usually calls didn't even go to the call. I gather that it is due to proximity to Bradley; in case of an incident at the airport, you would need resources familiar with the area rather than farther away. Just hoping to shed a little light on a confusing subject that caused a lot of hard feelings.......
    What Windsor Locks fire are you talking about? The mill from this July? If you are, I think you better check your facts on what M/A departments were there. WL's normal mutual aid departments were on scene for that call.
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