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    We are preparing for an Audit this month. They are planning on looking at a few of our awards. Can anyone offer any advice or suggestions? How long did it take? What did they look at?

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    I owuld suggest this as I do for all my clients:

    Three ring binder with seperate sections and clear plastic covers

    Include ALL documentation in the development and management of your grant ( sources of data or staistical infromation if cited inthe grant, run call records, statsitical sheets etc,) All bid quotes you recived, copies of minutes form board meetings when bids were opened and accepted, all copies of cancelled checks and or disbursements made to you. Invoices, bills etc. All correspondence concerning your grant witten or in email form from DHS. Bank records showing money in, money out and to whom.
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    What is your email? Our FGS gave us a copy of an index for a binder. It is a really great resource. I can send it to you if you want. You can also contact me @

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