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    Hey guys, I am used to applying to a lot of small town fire departments, where the standard is a written and an interview, well I applied to a few bigger city departments. I have a question. The process states those that pass the written, agility, background, and interview will be placed on an "elgibility list" and then as jobs come open.. we will be offered conditional employment. How exactly does this work? Is it based on your rank #? The thing that got me was "as openings come up" which means, if there is only 2 or 3 openings, they wouldn't do an academy? Confused on that one.

    Last question, another department says everyone that passes the written and an agility will be an "all qualified band." How does that work?

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    Smaller departments tend to hire new firefighters one or two at a time, while large departments hire in blocks. My department hires an academy of 24 to 28 new firefighters for each academy. The frequency of academeys depend on how many firefighters retire.
    December is the big retirement month for us. Firefighters who retire in December get a cost of living at the end of December, and one on January 1st. That's why they retire at the end of Dec.
    Some years we have run three academeys. We do not have any plans of running one in 07 as the ranks are full.
    We just tested and had over 5,000 applicants. Our eligibility list is good for 3 years. Civil Service requires that we have an active eligibility list even though we have no plans of hiring for a year.
    Lastly, the testing process is very lengthy. It takes alot of time to schedule physical agility exams, interviews, backgrounds, medicals, and psychological exams.

    Paul Lepore
    Battalion Chief

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