Ill start by introducing myself. Im Nik. I am currently an aspiring firefighter, and I have an Oral interview tomorrow. I recently did one for a volunteer department in my area and am awaiting the results. I have been doing alot of research and been trying to prepare myself for the one tomorrow and future ones if I dont happen to make it. I have visited a local fire station but was informed that because I am in the hiring process I was unable to ask questions on the tour. I was also told that they would most likely deny my application for a Ride-A-Long for the same reason. So I am going to ask you in hopes for some answers.

What do you find to be the most challenging part of being a firefighter, and also the most rewarding?

Do you ever run into confrontational problems with the community, and how do you handle them?

What is meant by Platoons and batallions and how do they relate to the fire station?

How do you cope with the stresses of the job and also the tragic situations you have encountered or dealt with?

Do you have an helpful advice on How I may score well on the Oral Interview tomorrow?(I have read the "how to smoke your firefighter interview" and also practiced questions with other people. I have a list of about 130 questions that I satdown and wrote out answers to and study at my current job when time allows. I havnt had time to do the tape recorder.)

Thanks alot for your time