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    Default Unusual "real"jobs

    I know there is an "real jobs" thread,I just want to annoy the search Nazzis and post this question here.Maybe this one is more interesting.
    My old department had just voted on a new member who was a mortician who also recently got his EMT license.(let's not go there)
    Some wise acre said that we'd needed to get a gynecologist on to be able to claim "womb to the tomb care" and I heard from a reliable source that they now have such a person volunteering.
    Does anyone else have any really unusual jobs that they go to when not responding to medical assists,wrecks or fire call?

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    My fiancée and I both used to work part time (per diem) as "Tissue Recovery Technicians" for an Organ & Tissue bank.

    I actually enjoyed the work but the on-call schedule got to be too much on top of an 8-5 work schedule and full time school. Maybe when I finish school (again), I'll go back.

    I always said the more experience I got taking them apart would help me put others back together
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