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    Currently my department has very minimal equipment for RIT operations. When i mean minimal the tools we carry on the engine and squad for fire fighting we double as RIT equipment and just piece things together. I am lookin for some suggestions on what kind of equipment other departments have successfully applied for. So far i have talked to some other personnel in other departments around us. I have come up with a list of about 12,000 dollars worth. Is there anything i can apply for along with this?

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    We were awarded in Dec. for RIT equipment and Train-the-Trainer class for 2 of our members to become RIT instructors. Funding included plane tickets, hotel, meals, cost of class, computer & visual aid equipment, training materials and rental car. If you don't have your own instructors or you have a hard time getting the training that may be an option for you.

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    We were denied a few years ago for RIT equipment. My narrative is on Brian's site http://www.firegraphics.org/SampleList.htm if you wish to give it a try. We looked at a total "wellness and protection" project, so we included physicals along with the RIT training and equipment.

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