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    Default Where do i start?

    Im just starting trying to get into firefighting. I live in the Dallas area of texas. What are the steps I need to take to becoming a firefighter? I was wondering if i should try to get on at a dept. that has its own fire academy (such as dallas)or what i should do. Are there academys that are more respected than others? If so which ones should I look to first. What other prep work should i do to get into this career? What courses and tests should i be taking? Any comments and suggestions would be great. thanks

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    Apply with Dallas

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    You can also look into the local community colleges or tech schools that offer a fire program. Get your education and certifications and you can look around. Typically a big city fire academy, like Dallas, is for the fire dept only and not open to the general public. Meaning they may not use the academy for a fire science program like a tech school would. Anyway look into it, every dept is different, but education will only help you.

    Also take a look at what different fire departments require you to get on and work on obtaining those type of certifications.

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