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Thread: Communication

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    We have lots of options.....it just seems they are exercised primarily with less than 48 hours notice.

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    Wow! A tough situation for sure. We have training meetings twice a month. We do training and not business on those nights. The Chief and the Fire District board take care of the business end and once a year we have our Annual Meeting where some business is conducted. Then when needed a page is sent out for a special business meeting. If your Chief misses many of those monthly meetings then he is not being a good leader at all and there lies the biggest problem. As far as our training schedule it is posted next to our calender which is made up on a dry erase board. Special meetings and every training meeting are posted on it as well as other events. A page is sent out on the training meeting night as a reminder of it about an hour or so before it starts. Which is almost a waste of time because most of the members are already at the station by then, but it is just one of those traditions that will not die. I know of other area departments that will page those reminders the night before. We meet on the second and fourth Thursday of the month. This has been the training nights for years. One reason for that, believe it or not, is Monday Night Football. The Chief that started that years ago was a big football fan and it has stuck with us.
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    Our chiefs make the meetings, but we do very little training. We might check the SCBA's or clean a hose or two.

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    Wow...... Got a bar...... Don't train at all..... I feel for the citizens....

    IMHO....... I don't think the FD pagers should be used for announcements.......

    Occasionally we will get email updates on things going on and/or changes.

    If it's very important or it's something with late notice, we started a Yahoo email account that we use to send text messages to everyone's cell phones. We set up groups to send to certain people if needed. (Chiefs. Officers, Staion #1 Personnel, Station #2, Engineers, etc) After you send the message, most people will receive it in less than 1 minute. This is not used for emergencies and if people do not wish to receive them due to cost or for whatever reason, they will not be added........
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    We use several methods to keep our members informed:

    1. Radio Pagers - good for last minute/emergency announcements

    2. Email List - We have about 90% of our members who are part of a email mailing list that we use for announcements as well.

    3. SMS/Text Messages - Through our website we have created an application that allows any member to type up a text message and then send it out to selected memebers cell phones from the website. We only have about 65% of members who are apart of this sytem.

    4. Forum/Calendar - also in a private section of our website we keep an online forum which is great for announcements and communications. We also have an online calendar. 65% of members are apart of this system.

    5. Old Fashion - notes posted at FD

    We have our regular training nights, but extra drills/meetings/etc will usually get posted on systems 2, 3, 4, 5

    Please let me know if anyone has any questions.

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