Hello all,
I have a few questions concerning what job might best suit me. I was in the Coast Guard for 14 years so i Have a little experience in each area fire fighting and as more or less a first responder type. I know there are a few fields when you get into fire rescue, Paramedics and EMT and what seems to be quite a few more. at any rate the reason I'm looking to get back into this type of work is basically that I miss what I was doing and it seems this would be the closest just not sure what would be best. also what is needed to be hired on with a dept Ive heard a few things concerning a course called FF1 and I know there is an EMT course I guess im looking for a site that might elaborate or help me better in making a decission. I currently live in Hernando County, Fl. I know I could always see about trying the volunteer side to get an idea but my current employer is very vindictive and wont allow things like this. but for right now its paying the bills till i can determine what move to make. Any help would be greatly appreciative