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    Default About transitioning from AFGE to IAFF for federal

    Without going to far in depth. The fire department at my base here constitutes a majority of the due paying union membership.

    It appears that trouble in the local AFGE is comming, as the president is stepping down and it doesn't appear that anyone is willing to stand up and take the post.

    So we're left with a choice as a fire department. Either take the Local AFGE and have to deal with the rest of the base's problems also. Or form and try and make a local IAFF to deal with just our fire department issues. And we do have them.

    I'm looking to get any info someone out there might have on the transition process and what's involved to get it done. I know there's a wait time, I've heard non-union for 30 days/1 year/2 years and have yet to see anything in writing.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    Its one year. I called and spoke with the folks at the IAFF and they told me that we would have to go without representation for one year, this only applies if your union is AFL-CIO, if not I believe you can join right away. You might call them again, it was about a year ago when I spoke with them. Call their main line.

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    The above post is correct. My dept. did not belong to a union prior to us joining IAFF. So we joined off the bat. If you belong to a union that is affiliated w/ AFL-CIO. You must disband for one year without rep. Jim Johnson is the VP for the IAFF 16th District for Federal Fire Depts. You can go to the website and get contact #'s @ www.iaff16.org
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    Your best bet is to contact IAFF through the link above.

    It can be done but is not a simple process. The issues you have to deal with is the time with no union representation and the fact the base does have another union. There are additional hoops to go through to bring another union on base. If AGFE will release you it helps alot, but I wouldn't count on them doing that. It is rare for a union to release a source of members even if none are actually paying dues.

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