Hello all, this is my first post on the forum,

I am a Paramedic in British Columbia and I have a interview and testing date coming up for a firefighter/paramedic service. I know NOTHING about firefighting, but have been told by the fire chief that paramedics are not required to know much and will be taught to NFPA 1 and 2 standards if hired.

What sort of things should I be studying to be successfull? I have the NFPA 1 and 2 text books and study guides and have been reading them. I have been studying basic math and comprehension skills, and I have been training hard at the gym for the physical testing.

I want the job very much, but I dont want to look like an idiot when i go to the testing. I have been told that I will be the only paramedic at the testing, all the other applicants are firefighters.

Thanks for any and all help,