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    Hey everyone. Gump has arrived. 27 years old. Living in Northwest Ohio. Got started in the fire service back in 96 as an explorer out in Woodville OH. Funny thing is I joined the explorer post to meet a girl, and ended up falling in love...with fire rescue that is...never did go out with that girl...anywho I digress. Since then I was in a lil town in South Carolina named Goose Creek...Good ole Co. 3. Then moved to Georgia and was on the St Marys Fire Dept. Until I moved back home to Northwest Ohio and joined the Rossford Fire Rescue Dept. Great group of guys up here. I am currently in Intermediate School and getting my FF1 transition from the 36 hour. And i recently have become an advisor with the Explorer post 790. I look forward to learning new things everytime I sign on here...and maybe being able to give a small bit of information based on my couple experiences...Oh yeah...Gump is the nickname...came from power washing our boat with in my first month or two on the dept..and another guy started doing the forrest gump lines dealing with boats..and I "accidentally" got some overspray all over him and out came "GOD$!*&&#* Gump" and the name stuck...

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    What's shaking!?!?
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    Welcome Gump.
    My words stated here do not necessarily point towards organizations which I am affiliated with.

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