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    Default A new politically oriented fireblog (www.rudysfirefighters.com)

    I would like to invite those of you who are Rudy Giuliani supporters to come visit my new webblog (www.rudysfirefighters.com) dedicated to providing a forum to those firefighters throughout the country who, like me, support Rudy for his Presidential bid. I hope you'll visit and contribute your insights, comments and offer discussion on political topics. Also, if you have ideas for discussion topics centered on politics of the fire service I'd love to hear them. I can assure you, this site is neither endorsed or run by Rudy Giuliani or any organization affiliated with his campaign. I am simply a 12-year veteran of the fire service who happens to share the same views as Giuliani and wants to provide an outlet for like-minded firefighters to meet, discuss the topics and share in the brotherhood in a different venue. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Be Safe!
    Steve Standridge


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    I am excited to watch how far rudy can run to the right.

    When he gets there, will they accept him?

    How come all of the "family values" politicians have ex-wives?

    Why do "family values" politicians only care about fetuses (sp?)?

    Why do "fiscally conservative" republicans go bankrupt?

    Why is it okay for Republicans to out CIA Agents?

    These are a few of the things that I will think about when I go to bed.

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