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    Default even the pro-life movement thinks he is nuts

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geinandputitout View Post
    Two salient points are excluded in this article: 1) As mayor of an ultra liberal city, he had very little choice but to appoint judges that would be somewhat palatable to libs. Furthermore, city judges are of far less consequence than judges at the federal level. And, having Ted Olsen as his legal aid gives me comfort heíll remain true to his pledge.
    2) His supposed life "issues" will only be an issue for zealous so-cons. For those of us that place higher value on fiscal and foreign policy issues he is the candidate best suited to adhere to these core Republican issues. As for other so-cons, you might want to look at the polls; he's doing well in the bible belt. Why, because he is a conservative, irrespective of his personal life. The fact is, every candidate has issues that have the potential of dissuading any number of the four categorical republican constituents. Rudy is the best situated to attract most of the ardent conservatives.

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