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    Does anyone have a copy of their narrative that they would be willing to share for a skid unit? Not going after the whole brush truck. Applying for a used vehicle which will replace their 71 Pumper which is the only vehicle that has pump and roll capabilities and is what they are currently using for a brush vehicle. So going to apply under ops & safety for a skid unit as well so that when they take the 71 out of service they will have a means of fighting brush fires. Going to look under govliquidation or somewhere for the pickup. If anyone has done a similar project and wants to share then feel free to send to



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    If I have not done so already, drop me a line and I have a couple
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    The Rural Fire Assistance Program is a good source for a skid unit. They can be found at:

    A nearby department recieved a skid unit 2 or 3 years ago through the USF&W. We recieved forestry equipment through the same program.

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    Talking Not2L84U2

    Ryan, I'm working on the exact same project for this year (if it ever happens)except we already have a pickup. I have my draft narrative completed already. Drop me an email if you want to exchange information.

    OneBugle, we got $4K one year through US fish & wildlife, but I'm thinking the funds got cut some and we have been denied in recent years.


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    The year following our award ($3100) ,maybe '05, we recieved a letter informing us the funding had been cut (USF&W) for that year. I don't know if they have restored funding, but according to the website:
    Application procedures will be announced soon.
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