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    Default Criminal background

    I was arrested a year ago for trespass and cultivation of marijuana. The alleged marijuana was proved by law enforcement labs, not to be marijauna at all. I had the marijuana charge dismissed but the trespass(misdemeanor) stuck. I am in a couple of dept's processes. How will they look at this? I disclosed all the info.

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    Default Looked like Marajuana???

    As a Background Investigator I'd look at the report and wish you good luck. It's only been a year but it's too soon. Trespass and an arrest even though it was later dropped is a no go for me. I know that I'm not doing your background but that's the way I look at it. You need time between your arrest and taking tests.
    Good luck in your persuit of the badge...but keep your nose out of trouble and you should do fine.

    Jay Dudley, Retired Fire
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    Thanks jaydudly. I was under this impression. What is a good time frame to take into consideration?

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