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    Default BIO-Key CAD/RMS software

    Looking for any users of BIO-key's Fire and/EMS software suite.

    We are currently using Firehouse Enterprise and a older version Cerulean's PacketCluster Rescue software which do not interface. It appears that Biokey has merged the Pactketcluster Rescue and Sunpro's NFIRS software under the BIO-key MobileRescue label.

    Since we have MDC systems into our apparatus we are considering our options of switching to BIO-Key's package to link CAD/MDC and NFIRS packages into one interface and gain the ability of tablet based inspection programs. We've seen what Firehouse has to offer and would like to see if there is anything better.

    If anybody has any experience with this program I would appreciate any feedback on your experience and the level of customer support from the developers.

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    Default Fire and Inspection RMS

    My fire department recently began using Fire Bridge from ImageTrend. Its a web-based program that records all of our NFIRS incidents as well as our EMS calls. The cool thing is that when our rescue squad goes on a EMS call, we can use that to automatically create the NFIRS record. Love the job...hate the paperwork! The EMS side complies with our State EMS RMS and NEMSIS format and the NFIRS side takes care of our State Fire Marshal reporting. There is also a really easy inspection module that our Fire Marshal has on his laptop. He can go out to a location, do the inspection, print out the violation and send the whole deal back to the department by the internet. It also centralizes the info and lists all prior incidents that have occurred at a location. This is especially helpful for our schools as we can do an inspection there and already know how many times we've responded there for a false alarm. The Fire Bridge also does other stuff like pre-plans and such. I'd check it out. It beats the other programs that we looked at by far.

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    Default Fire RMS

    We use Fire RMS 4.1

    As far as run reporting and CAD sysems go, it works pretty good. I am told by our IT folks that Biokey is much easier to work with than other software providers. They are also much more willing to fix problems, and make revisions of the software for individual departments.

    The long and the short is that I have used the run reporting side of the program, roster / staffing functions, and the Other Entries portion of the program.

    It works pretty well.

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    Default Bio-Key CAD/FRMS

    I am from Asheville/Buncombe County of North Carolina and work for the City of Asheville Fire and Rescue Department. Asheville/Buncombe County is comprised of 23 departments; 1 fully career with 220 FF, 6 Combination and the rest mostly volunteer. The County and the City in 1999 sent out a RFP for a CAD and LRMS/FRMS. We went with a FRMS that interfaces closely with the CAD. The CAD at that time was called OSSI (Open Software Solutions Inc.) now after acquired by SunGard – HTE is call SunGard – OSSI. The Fire RMS was from Emergency Technologies Inc. in Raleigh, NC and called “Visual Fire”.

    We (Asheville Fire) then were using FirePrograms out of Florida. Which work fairly well but we quickly out grew them because it just was not designed for a department of our size. The county wide FRMS seems to be the answer to our problems.

    Visual Fire is an enterprise class Fire and EMS Records Management System that is an integrated set of modules. The application includes Fire Records Management, EMS Patient Reporting, Mobile Field Reporting, Mapping, Hydrant information and Structural Pre-Plans, along with several additional modules that will provide the Agency with modern technology that will increase operational efficiency throughout the agency. Visual Fire/EMS also provides for deployment of mobile devices which will allow Field Reporting and will aid the Agency in reaching a paperless environment by streamlining activities. Inspectors will be able to complete building inspections while in the field. Responding firefighters will be able to review building pre-plan information, including what hazardous materials are on-site, while in route to an incident. The ability to see what hazards are in a building before making entry will significantly increase firefighter safety and help prevent injuries and fatalities.

    Their web page is www.emergencytechnologie.com check it out.


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