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    Default National Flood Safety Awareness week


    The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administrationís (NOAA) National
    Weather Service (NWS) is promoting an educational campaign on flood
    safety awareness:


    Please join us in spreading the word to the general public so that
    everyone will be better prepared for and can more quickly react to Flood
    Watches and Warnings that are issued by the NWS.

    We will be issuing Public Information Statements daily, which will be
    sent on our communication systems such as our Internet Web Page, NOAA
    All Hazards Weather Radio, the NOAA Weather Wire Service, and the Family
    Of Services. Please feel free to use this "public" information to
    promote flood safety awareness during this time.

    Local information on National Flood Safety Awareness week can be found at:


    Specific statements will focus on different topics each day, such as the
    NWS's Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service (AHPS), our Turn Around
    Don't Drown (TADD) Educational Campaign, Tropical Cyclone Inland
    Flooding, Snowmelt and Ice Jam Flooding, Flood Insurance, and Flood
    Safety Tips.

    It seems a bit ironic that we are focusing on flood awareness this week
    as I am pretty certain most people in our area are sick of flooding. But
    it is a national campaign and we can never educate the public enough about flood safety....
    like not driving into flooded roadways or around barricades etc.
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    FEMA also has grants out for their Flood Insurance Program. The grants are for mainly keeping flood maps up-to-date. There is more information on ESRI's Grant page.

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    Angry FEMA's flood maps

    First they need to use some money to make them accurate!! My grandmother is now stuck paying almost $1500 a year because the moron that drew the map ran the floodplain on the wrong side of the stream, and 30 to 50 feet up a hill. The survey to fix the problem will cost her over $4000, and there is no chance of reimbersment. This is a result of a Rev. Mort. to cover some needed repairs and taxes.

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