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    Default NFPA or OSHA Requirements?

    I'm not sure if this is where I should ask this but oh well here it goes. A few members of my department are wondering if there is any noise requirements (max decibles) does NFPA and or OSHA allow inside the cab of fire apparatus. Any help on this subject would be greatly appreciated...

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    NFPA 1901,2003 edition, only talks about noise in Chapter 24 24.4. Not sure of a reference for OSHA but I assume there is probably something regarding hearing protection. Since many units have a David Clark or other such system it might not be a problem with these systems in place.

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    NFPA 1500 2007 edition

    7.18 Hearing Protection

    7.18.1 Hearing protection shall be provided for and used by all members operating or riding on fire apparatus when subject to noise in excess of 90dBA.

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