sorry i have to write this but i fell that this is gettting out of hand already this month we have over 10 people killed in the new jersey and new york area, due to overloaded extension cords or faulty wiring and now just reading this another fire in mass killed two stundents in off campus housing cause they were using a grill on a wood deck. can some call NFRIS and ask them can we put stupity in the cause column. Christ this is getting out of hand, y are we still killing people in fires in this day and age. Oh yeah dont fiorget russia only something like over 40 poeple killed in a nursing home fire due to supposed fire code violations. what more to say other than we still havent killed the right peple to make this land a fire safe place to life, i am just glad i live in new jersey which has some harse but stern fire codes. thank go for the garden state.