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    Default How do I prepare?

    Hey guys.. have a written test coming up, however this isn't going to be like your normal written test. We're going to have to read maps, layouts, and a paragraph. We're going to have to study it for 25 minutes.. after the 25 minutes, we're going to take a test over the material, 100 questions regarding what we studied. Then an additional 30 or so other ones. After we complete our written, we take the CPAT, then the interview. The proctors at the meeting stating 90% of your score will be from the written test, the CPAT is pass/fail, and the interview could change your overall rank a few points, less or more.

    My question, how does one prepare for a written like this? I am pretty decent at memorizing things but by the 50th question, I don't wanna be overwhelmed?

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    I uses Norman Hall's Firefighter Preparation Book for my exam. It was helpful in pointing out what to notice and remember in a variety of diagrams. What will help you most is keeping a clear mind and focusing at the material on hand. You would be surprised at the amount of detail you can retain when you trully apply yourself. Don't become stressed out and give up, see what learning technique has helped you out in the past. For me, re-drawing the diagrams helped but different things may work just as well for you.

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