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    The City of Pine Bluff, Arkansas is now taking applications for Probationary firefighter. We have only 2 left on the 2007 list. So we will need more soon. If you want to see alot of fire, then Pine Bluff is the city for you.

    Starting pay over $25,000. After one year your close to $30,000. We are a IFSAC state. We send all new firefighters to SAU tech for FF1-2, Haz/mat Aws/Ops, and First Responder. Come Join the Team.

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    Looks like a great department. I looked around the website and couldn't find the restrictions/requirements for hire. I also didn't see how to/where to apply, as the city website didn't show an opening for FF.

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    Ok its there now, go to the news and links page.

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