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    Default Roanoke VA

    Anyone else testing at Roanoke come this friday March 23? Well posting this to find out what anyone else knows about this dept. and area thanks alot?

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    Default All About Roanoke

    If you want to know about the Roanoke Fire-EMS Department check out these websites:

    Roanoke Fire Fighters Local 1132

    Roanoke Fire Blog

    Roanoke Fire-EMS

    If you want history, Check out the Maurice Wiseman Project Online

    As for Virginia, check out

    As you might see, I have a vested interest in at least a couple of these websites.

    Anyways, in a sentence, Roanoke Fire-EMS is a great department to work for, and has most of the same problems as other Departments across the Nation.

    Feel free to email me if you want to, otherwise I will check in on this thread to check on any questions.

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    I miss Roanoke... If I wasn't already in a lease for my apartment here i'd test in Roanoke.
    I don't know anyone on the department (as far as I know anyways) but I heard it's a good group.

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