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    Our next training will be hose and nozzle operations. I am looking for some fun and interesting drills, with the nozzle, that some of you might already do. I am looking for some sort of competition or contest that makes it fun and interesting, while getting good hands on training. I tried doing a search and couldn't find anything on this, so if there is don't knock me for trying and just point in the right direction. I had read a long time ago about a dept. that takes a 55 gal. drum( empty of course) cut a hole in it and put a ball in it and with the nozzle you have to fill it up and get the ball out, some thing like that. It is things like that is what I am looking for. Thank you.
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    We do Engine Company drills between stations and losing station details the winner's apparatus. Using an engine and three firefighters the drill involves:
    1. Laying a minimum amount of supply hose (approx 300 ft) from a fixed water supply and establishing the water supply.

    2. Deploying a 1 3/4" preconnect and a 2 1/2" smooth bore both with a minimum of 200 ft of line each.

    3. Achieving a water flow of around 350gpm at proper pump pressure and nozzle settings.

    4. Best time with no safety infractions (penalize time for each) wins.

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    If you have 2 engines you can really have some fun. We have the two engines on seperate teams racing against each other to perform hose evolutions. Evolutions start with making a hydrant and continue on to things like:
    Advancing a preconnected 1-3/4
    Advancing lengths of 2-1/2
    Reducing a 2-1/2 (gated wye, hose clamp, and specified length of 1-3/4)
    or extending a line with hose clamp and specified length of hose.

    You can increase or decrease the number of evolutions to suit your needs. We typically set it up where each person must do 2 evolutions. We like to use a 5" pony length as a penalty punishment. A mistake results in having to carry the pony about 75ft.

    We set the opposing teams up so that they are about 400ft apart and race towards one another as they extend the lines. The team that finishes all of their evolutions first can open up their nozzles on the other team.
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