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    Default AFG 2007 Allowances for equipment

    What will the AFG allow for these types of equipment?

    Thermal Imager?

    Full Set of Turnouts?


    RIT Pack?

    Please add more to this list!

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    Default search

    Chief Sly was working on a running list of Max. funds from 2006. Try a search, I'm preaty sure it was in the last 6 months
    I believe he is "sly4420" if you want to search by member posting
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    According to the DHS rep that put on the workshop in my area, there are no such dollars limits on anything you request. He told me that me that if they deem it excessive, they might contact you to reduce your award. This happened with me two years ago. I requested $5,500 for new SCBA and $3,000 for RIT packs. They emailed me and asked if I would be willing to take $5,000 per SCBA. Of course I sais yes and I received the grant award a few weeks later. In the end, I also gave back over $8,000 that was left over funds. The one thing to consider with the dollar amounts is your cost benefit. As in cost per fire call and cost per taxpayer. Good luck!

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