Looks like today's 25 awards aren't the last we'll see before the gravitationally challenged/acoustically gifted female human shares her gift with the world.

Thru R22:

4,034 Ops & Safety - $333,658,525
692 vehicles - $127,434,263

Out of:

$365,500,000 (Fire) + $8,200,000 (EMS) = $373,700,000 Total Ops & Safety

$133,500,000 (Fire) + $2,700,000 (EMS) = $136,200,000 Vehicles

Looks like about $40 mil in equipment, just less than $9 mil in trucks left. With everyone already notified of denial or award, might have a few excess fund denials get pulled back. But don't wait on that for your 2007 apps, they won't come out for a while. Better to apply for the same thing and have two awards come up for it than chance and get neither one.

Note the drop in truck awards too, that will break 700, but sure won't be reaching above 800 where 2005 was. Same money in 2007, trucks are more expensive, we'll be lucky to break 700 this year.

Good luck, and don't wait for the PG to get things done.

- Brian