Alright everyone -- I have a few questions, and thus far I have received a few different answers to them. Lets see what everyone here has for me:

When applying for a grant to pay for portable 800 mhz radios -- we can apply for a radio for each seated position on each apparatus, correct??

I heard from a few people that you could only apply for a maximum of 4 radios per truck -- even if say our rescue truck has 6 seated positions. Also, our Squad EMS truck has 5 seated positions, our Explorer personnel response truck has 4 seated positions, our "bus 9", transport vehicle -- also an emergency vehicle holds 18 people -- (it is an 18 passenger van). Do these count??

Also, while we are talking about trucks, here is my second question. Say we would like to apply for a vehicle grant to replace a current truck E-94 a 1988 Spartan
1000 GPM Darley pump
1500 gallons of water

We would like to replace this with either a Rescue/Engine or a Pumper/Tanker truck. Is this allowable under the guidelines or can you only apply for say an Engine -- or a Rescue -- or a tanker?

I thought things changed this year when it comes to this -- but I could be wrong.

Lastly, we are wanting to apply for a grant for a new cascade system -- the current one that we have is basically home-made ---- it is defenitly not up to code. Does anyone know of the specific NFPA code that applies to Cascade systems? I have looked through 1981, and can not find anything.

Thanks and be safe out there everyone.

Kurtis Cummings
NREMT-B / Firefighter
Van Buren Twp Fire / Center Twp Fire
Bloomington, IN Muncie, IN