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    Default LODD Chicago, IL - William Grant Memorial

    My condolences to the Grant family and the Chicago Fire Department of Illinois. FireFighter William Grant, 44, a 20 year veteran of the Chicago Fire Department, died Friday March 23, 2007. William was riding in the rear cab of Ladder 51, responding with lights and siren to a fire call in the south side neighborhood of Englewood, when the apparatus was struck on the right rear side by a school bus while negotiating an intersection. The ladder truck swerved to avoid the bus, but was spun by the impact and overturned onto the drivers side. There were no children on the bus at the time of the accident. William did not survive his injuries. The bus driver and three other firefighters were injured in the crash. I have created a permanent memorial for William on my website. More news, information, and photos can be found at:


    If there is any additional information or photos you would like added to this memorial, please contact me.

    Stay Safe

    Shawn McDonald

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    I am sorry for the loss of your brother.

    Rest in peace, walk with angels William Grant.

    God keep his children and family.

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    Rest Easy William
    If someone with multiple personalities threatens to kill himself, is it considered a hostage situation?


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    RIP FF William Grant.
    51 Pride - R.I.P. Sandy
    Alarm 200644004, I won't ever forget.

    Remember you only have 1*.


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    Members of my department as well as myself, attended the wake and funeral services for Firefighter Grant. The Chicago Fire Department did a wonderful job and should be commended.

    I have never been to a funeral for a firefighter, and went as a sign of respect. Walking up to the funeral home I felt a bit out of place, I knew it was the right thing to do, but still in the back of my mind... how would they feel about a suburban FF coming to the services. We did not expect to be as welcomed as we were and my initial feelings were completely wrong. The members of the CFD welcomed us as true brothers.

    You can talk about the brotherhood, but the members of the CFD live what it means.

    I now have a greater understanding and respect for the brotherhood. I am very honored to have attended the services for such a good man. May he rest in peace, although I think Bill will be a bit bored up there.

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