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    Why does it seem that money awarded to EMS organizations is far and few between? What is the trick to catching there attention during the review process? What is the commonly awarded catergory?

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    Mostly they're few and far between because EMS/Rescue organizations are only eligible for 2% of the funding, which in 2006 was $10.9mil. About the same this year, so there won't be many awards. Only 25% of that is vehicles. The first trick is get to the review process, because if you don't make it there no worries about catching anyone's attention. The same rules apply for all grant programs: focus on high, single need priorities and justify why you need them. That will beat the computer and the reviewers every time.

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    I would add one more thing to what bc79er said; be sure you read the program guidance closely and worry first about addressing the highest priorities that the AFG PG states THEY are looking for.
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