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    Default Turnout Gear Selection

    I am a chief of a volunteer department and will be buying 32 sets of gear and leather boots through a an afg grant ..has anyone made a checklist or comparison chart for the selection of new gear

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    Check out the Globe G-Xtreme or the Cairns Reflex.

    Pretty much the same gear witht a few cut and stitch differences.

    We just finished a gear evaluation recently.

    Janesville- inconsistent sizing and woefully long delivery.
    Morning Pride - too expensive. Got many more options on gear for the same price.

    On boots, my folks like the leather boots in order of preference:


    Hope this helps.

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    Check out "Ultra Motion" by Securitex, the also have leather boots like the PW's

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    I know our full time guys back at my community hall use the G-Extreme from Globe. I also know that at first they loved it, and then little things started to irritate them about it. I know one guy just went and swapped out his GE jacket for another one- I think it was the securitex Ultra Motion type...

    I know back home I also use the Securitex Ultra Motion and to be honest, I really like it. We have the mid-high grade materials and it's still really cozy right out of the bag.

    I also know one of the other full time guys asked if I wanted to trade him jackets...

    We really liked the Globe in general- but their cuff has really irritated a bunch of the guys. If you addressed that problem, I don't think there was anything else the guys complained about a lot. The integrated knee padding on the MP is nice too- but again features come at enormous cost.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CAN2301 View Post
    I am a chief of a volunteer department and will be buying 32 sets of gear and leather boots through a an afg grant ..has anyone made a checklist or comparison chart for the selection of new gear
    Try putting this in the fire grant section of the forms.

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    Default AFG turnouts

    We purchased The Janseville V-force gear 2 years ago with AFG funds.

    56 sets of custom fit gear was delivered in less that 3 months time. Not shabby! Everything you could possibly want, Janesville offers. Each set cost around $1,700 per firefighter. Fusion outer shell, bellows on pants, integrated knee pads with reinforced knee and reverse-cut cuffs, large bellows, and fleece lined hand warming pockets, mic. clip/ radio pocket left chest, velcro loop, with clasp on right chest for streamlight, reinforced shoulder, sleeve cuffs and elbows, custom name flap (beaver tail)GREAT GEAR! Light weight, easy to move in, not to mention custom tailored!

    Be wary of manufacturers that use neoprene as a barrier/ reinforcing pad at knees, shoulders and elbows. High temps, and friction degrade the neoprene quickly allowing for a false sense of protection. That's the main reason we did not go with Globe or Cairns. They may have stopped using neoprene by now.

    Everyone loves the new gear.

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    Yeah I thought this was an odd topic for the Apparatus Forum.

    But since I'm here now...

    We use the Securitex Ultra Motion, and are very happy with it. My last Deputy however, just joined Calgary Fire Dept, and has been raving about the ultra light weight and fexibility of thier new gear. I'm still waiting for him to get me the details.
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