Hello Everyone! I have a few questions about this year's AFG process and I think that some of you who have been through this years over time and time again can help me out. I've only assisted with writing grants mind you.

We are looking at writing a grant this year for:

1) A new pumper/tanker (question 1), or a new rescue/engine to replace a 1988 Spartan, 1000 GPM Darley pump, 1500 gallons of water that has been wrecked with the cab completely rebuilt -- it came within a few hundred dollars of being totaled.

2) Portable 800mhz radios to provide interoperatablity with the Hoosier Safe-T network -- it will also provide every firefighter on the fireground with a radio for communication. Currently we only have about 4 portable radios -- the new ones would be mounted in the trucks ready to go. We would like to request one for every riding position in our fleet totalling to about 34 portables. (Question 2)

3) A cascade/fill system -- our current set up is basicailly home made -- it is not at all NFPA 1500 / 1901 compliant and if one of those air bottles blow -- someome will get hut.

Question 1: Do we have to apply for just a "Pumper" or just a "Rescue" or can it be classified as a "Rescue/Engine" or a "Pumper/Tanker".

Question 2: The Hoosier Safe-T Network is a motorollia built network, however EF johnson radios will work on the system. We currently have 4 motorollia radios from a regional grant -- but we prefer the EF Johnsons. Will asking for EF johnsons lower our score for "interoperatablity"?

Question 3: What do you think about the cascade/fill system? Will applying for this with the radios lower our score? Any suggestions for brand, manufacturer?

And lastly question 4: Am I right in assuming that we need to have at least 3 price quotes for each of the above requests that we will be submitting?

Thanks for all your help in advance!

Warm Regards,

Kurtis J. Cummings
Van Buren Fire