I have started a MySpace forum for Veteran Firefighters; 10 years(+) Active service is all you need, and we trust you on that. This forum lets us have a Photo Gallery plus bulletins as well. If any of you guys from FDNY would like to join it would really help. I travel to Manhattan every year and walk the fire houses. My favorites are the Fire Factory in Harlem, Rogers Ave in Brooklyn (The Jolly Rogers), and of course The Panda Patch at ChinaTown. I take lots of pictures there and will be posting them weekly for those who have never been to FDNY. Anyhow, the group is FIREFIGHTERS10YEARSPLUS and the URL is http://groups.myspace.com/FIREFIGHTERS10YEARSPLUS
Please join and enjoy. And MySpace is NOT just for teens, it is all ages.
Yours Truly, Patrick aka FIREMCD. (I am a Fire Sergeant with 13 years in.)