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    Be cautious using too many terms on your resumes like deans list, honor roll, chief of academy, valedictorian, 4.0 GPA, etc. It can send the message to the panel oh, boy, this person is really anal, goodie two shoes, teachers pet. Can I clean the erasers? Sure you can list you were at the top of your academy, but donít overdo it.

    More: OK, you are going to the oral board. The information you received states resumes and other documentation are not encouraged. Still you post the question should I still try and bring a resume in. Some candidates tell you to just bring them and it they wonít accept them nothing is lost. You debate in you mind. What could it hurt anyway, right? You decide after a firefighter tells you if you try and your panel accepts them you will get extra points and kudos. So you quickly redo your resume in one of those binder things and haul four copies into the room.

    Just when the oral board panel is starting to shake hands you spring your tome resume on them. The normal flow of the interview process is being upset. They are trying to greet you and at the same time refusing your trunk resume. You finally set your material on the floor next to you and complete the greeting while the panel is trying to get back on track with your interview.

    Are you off on the right foot? Nope. I can tell you that many of the panel members could be irritated at you because you didnít follow the instructions not to bring a resume. If you canít follow these instructions whatís going to make me believe you will follow instructions when you get hired?

    So this drop down killer presentation you had all dialed up is all of a sudden not working. Youíre missing your best stuff. Your mouth is starting to dry up and your enthusiasm is on the flow right next to your resume.

    Even those candidates from some other postings here that didnít think it was a big deal when they were refused when they tried to deliver a resume might surprise how it might have impacted their score.

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    Yep.. you bring a resume and they tell you not to, you aren't following instructions. Not good.

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