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    Default ...and we think WE have a problem with Fire Deaths!!!

    There have been arguments on here recently about the number of Fire Deaths in US and how the Fire Service needs to carry out more prevention work. This argument was countered by me, stating that despite spending a lot o time on 'Community Fire safety' we are still having lots of Fire Deaths in the UK... looking at the story of the 14 people rescued from a fire in London a few days ago we would have a lot more deaths if it wasn't for the work of Firefighters....

    But I just read this on the Sky News website...puts it into persepective...

    Moscow Club Fire Kills Ten
    Updated: 18:35, Sunday March 25, 2007

    Ten people have been killed after fire swept through a Moscow strip club.

    Some witnesses said it broke out during a "fire show" that was part of the club's nightly entertainment.

    They claimed a performer in the show inadvertently set his clothing on fire and that in turn ignited a container of flammable liquid.

    All the deaths were reportedly due to smoke inhalation.

    About 150 people escaped the blaze. Some needed hospital treatment.

    The club's website describes it as offering striptease and erotic entertainment.

    The city prosecutor's office has opened a criminal investigation on suspicion of fire safety violations, the ITAR-Tass news agency reported.

    The club blaze draws new attention to Russia's severe problem with fire deaths.

    Around 17,000 people died in fires last year, according to the emergency ministry - a rate several times higher than in Western countries.

    Officials say poor enforcement of fire regulations and improper construction contribute to the high rate.
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    Unfortunately, that's been par for the course in Russia for decades. I feel bad for them. I couldn't imagine having to deal with that kind of death toll on a regular basis. THat's just unfathomable to expect.

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    This story is reported on the front pages of FH.com as well. Here is another excerpt from that:

    The nursing home where the fatal fire broke out last week was in a town where the local fire department had been disbanded; fire crews took about an hour to get to the scene. A new alarm system had not been fully installed at the nursing home and some reports said a watchman ignored initial alarms from the system, calling for help only when he saw flames.
    That would just SUCK! And I hope the watchman gets fired too. Although I suppose that he has to live with himself regarding not taking the initial alarm seriously. Kinda speaks of the possibility that the place had a lot of false alarms maybe? Not that such a thing excuses the watchman from not investigating properly.
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    on feb.14,2007 my dad was killed in a house fire.i know for a fact the fire dept did everything they could i was 1st station due in at the call.and as one said if it wasnt for the fire dept there would be alot more deaths for sure

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    the following is from the textbook "Introduction to Fire Protection" from Thomson-Delmar Learning................

    Appendix A- The U.S. Fire Problem

    Now what I am typing is not from the book, but the information is. The book goes all the way back to 1977 and gives statistics for the number of fires, civilian deaths, civilian injuries, firefighter deaths, firefighter injuries, and direct property damage ($). the good thing is that the numbers drop from year to year. as the years go on, the numbers slowly start to drop. for instance......

    as the years go on these numbers start to drop bit by bit. the only number that actually INCRESES over the years is the direct property damage ($). firefighter injuries kinda go back and forth, but on a medium stay arond 100,000 a year, give or take 4000-5000.

    the lowest year between 1977-2000 for firefighter deaths was 1992 with 75 firefighter deaths, and the highest was 1978 with 172 firefighter deaths.

    the highest number of civilian deaths between 1977-2000 was 1979 with 7,575 an the lowest was 1999 with 3,570.

    the highest number of civilian injuries from 1977-2000 was 1979 with 31,325 and the lowest was 1999 with 21,875 injuries.

    the highest year for fires was 1977 with 3,264,000 (or about 8942 fires a day) and the lowest year was 2000 with 1,708,000 fires ( or about 4679 fires a day).

    the highest year for firefighter injuries was 1977 with 112,540 inuries and the lowest was 1999 with 88,000 injuries.

    the lowest year for property damage was 1977 with $4,709,000,000 and the highest was 2000 with $11,207,000,000. this number, as i said befor, is the numbers that continue to rise.

    all of these numbers are just the U.S. and include all fire related injuries and deaths from all types of fires. and if i am not mistaken, the state of Mississippi has the highest number of fire deaths than any other state in the U.S.

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