Hello there.

I wonder if the fine firefighting community of New York can help me.
I am a Belfast boy who finds himself working as a Paramedic in Oxford UK, and a retained firefighter at the busy (though not quite New York busy) Rewley Road Fire Station. In fact, it has been so quiet recently we have begun to dream about the "ferocious bin fire of 2007!"
The point being I havent had a holiday in about six years and I am trying to organise a surprise trip to NY for the good lady and myself (mainly so she will stop moaning). Where is decent to stay at a price reasonable for a dum working stiff like me?
I would absolutely love to grab a shift on a rig if possible or look around a "proper" fire engine so does anyone know how I might go about this?
I really appreciate your time and do apologise for butting in on your turf but I am happy to reciprocate for anyone in anyway I can!
Anyways, stay safe and hope to speak soon.

Tug Crumpton
South Central Ambulance Service NHS Trust (498)
Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service (3558)