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    I was just wondering if anyone was actually applying for this job. I would love to return to the city I was born in but even at 21 I dont think I could afford to live on 20000 a year to start.

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    I wouldnt bother. the cost of living down here is almost has hi, if not higher than the DC Metro Region. Its Clear that the Mayor and his staff dont give a damn about the fire department. Dont get me wrong, Its a good department, but honestly I think the command staff needs to step up to plate. Over half the fire stations are still inhabitalble since Katrina. There are rural Fire departments with much less of a tax base throughout the south with paid staff that have starting salary's several thousand dollars higher than New Orleans. I find it funny that the Fire Department seems quite proud that they are starting out at $19000. I believe starting salary for the police is $30,723. Do the math.

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    I am going to take the test on April 11th. I want to be on the department no matter how much money they pay.

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