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    For the 2007 afg grant we are looking at applying for a vehicle. Here is the skinny, it will be a 1901 mini-pumper but it also meet 1906 requirements. Last year we purchased a 1901 pumper but need a mini-pumper as well. The vehicle will be used as a draft truck (no hydrants in our area), rescue (replace 1986), pumper when lead engine can not gain access, and as a brush truck. It will be built on a GMC 5500 4 door 4x4 chassis, 1000gpm, 300 gal. The cost will be around $160 fully equipped. How would we go about being funded even though we just purchased a new pumper, would it fly as a quick attack/brush truck?

    Ideas please!

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    I'm sure the gurus will advise that your chances are slim to get past the computer scoring on that truck due to the avg age of your fleet. with a brand new truck in the mix you will score low. You can try from the angle of a fast attack / brush truck. do you currently have an older [20+ years] brush truck that this will replace? Do you have any other vehicles in this category [1906]? We have been trying for a couple of years to replace our aging brush truck with no success & it's 25 years old. the rest of our fleet avg age is 16 yrs.

    That said you can try for anything and if you write a compelling argument and get to peer review you might get lucky. This year will be better than 1 in 15 odds to get selected for apparatus. Maybe even higher odds due to those that have already been successful being allowed to apply again. Stay with the brush /attack scenario , don't go for the pumper argument. good luck!

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