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    Clarification needed for entering the average budget figure for the past three years. We have been submitting the figure we get from the town which pays for insurances,building utilities and maint., vehicle maint, and fuel, dispatch fees etc, etc (everything needed to run the fire dept for a year) as well as equipment purchases. What exactly are they looking for. I would imagine there are some depts that have a lot of these items taken of without it showing up in their budgets. Obviously we'd like to only put down what we get for new or replacement equipment purchases, but we fear the dreaded audit if we're lucky enough to score a grant.

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    You use the operational budget that covers the day-to-day operation of the department also known as recurring exspenses. As you pointed out fuel, utilities, maintenance, personnel costs etc. You may have a line item say$5,000 for new/replacement PPE, repairs and cleaning which would be considered an operational exspense.

    A capital budget/capital outlay is considered a one time exspense which would not be included in your average. Ex. The city/Town approves a capital budget for $30,000 for PPE replacement, this is not included.

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