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    Default The Dashboard Commander

    Today i found at the internet "The Dashboard Commander" as an
    supporttool for an incident commander.
    Could anybody explain this Dashboard (with backgroundinformation)

    Thanks for answer
    Thomas "Tommy" Rauch,
    1stAssistent Chief VFD-Gloggnitz, Austria

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    It looks like a magnetic board that's also dry-erase, but for over 400 dollars, I wonder what else it contains.
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    In a nutshell, the gadget is a means for an incident commander to keep track of what his resources are doing on a scene. Typically, you'll have marked areas to keep the IC on track as far as achieving benchmarks, keep track of where his assets are assigned, what assets he has in staging, etc. Even jotting down benchmark times helps develop a good total picture as to whether the incident is progressing like it should or not.

    Some ICs will do this without such a device, many use them religiously. A handy person with a dry erase board and some different colored pens can do the same thing for pennies compared to the $400 price tag here.

    Hope this explained what the thing is used for. I read your question to mean that.
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    Default Command Stuff

    I'm kind of partial to this...

    Folds up smaller, cheaper, and I like the pen and paper. I have a hard time w/ white boards, as I cant tell WHAT I HAVE done already....

    So, unless I'm using a computer program (which can fail and have dead batteries when you need them the most), I utilize the Command Board system.

    Kevin McManus
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    Incident Dispatcher

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    You can also buy the pads of tear off command sheets that have the same prompts or reminders as the command boards.

    We just use a small bundle of 4 sheets for resource tracking and mapping. I prefer the hard copy for the file, or the potential defence of tactics after the incident.

    You cannot save your data easily from a white board, they don't work in the rain, and the markers freeze quickly during a cold Canadian Winter (and grease pencils get hard and brittle, or just aren't there when you need them).
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    Default Dashboard Commander

    WOW, What can I say. $469.99 for something I can go to Staples or Office Depot and make for less than $100.00 is amazing. That grease pencil must be what justifies the cost!

    It's a great concept, but the cost turned me away immediately. Also, the additional product information stated it could be strapped to the steering wheel. That's kind of dangerous should you need to evacuate. Plus it basically states you are "grounded" to the vehicle as opposed to setting up somewhere else, particularly on a HazMat or Confined Space emergency.

    I checked out the other board (Fire Rescue Command Board) and have to saythat one hits the target with me. It's mobile, has a carrying pouch to carry everything you need on an incident scene, does not "ground" you to one location (get's you out of the vehicle), can be quickly packed up in case evacuation is necessary, and the ultimate...COST ($295 for the deluxe version).

    But seriously guys, do we need to rely on a third party company to make something we can do ourselves? It's not rocket science, but more like convienence. I think with a little dedication and time, these command boards can be duplicated (customized) by your own department at a much lesser cost. We're firefighters, we improvise by nature.

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